COVID-19 Contact Tracing

You are being monitored because of your recent exposure to a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19. This puts you at risk of developing a COVID-19 infection. Over the next 14 days, you need to monitor for symptoms that indicate a COVID-19 infection. This monitoring is a precautionary measure to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. It does NOT mean you have COVID-19 or that you will get COVID-19.

Reporting your temperature and your symptoms helps determine the presence of a COVID-19 infection. It is very important for you to monitor your health so that you can be tested for COVID-19 and receive appropriate medical care should you need it. Based on what is known about coronavirus infections, 14 days is the longest time between when you were last exposed to novel coronavirus and when symptoms begin.

Signs and Symptoms of Novel Coronavirus:

  • Common: Fever, cough, difficulty breathing
  • Rare: Sore throat, muscle aches, abdominal discomfort

These symptoms can be due to many other illnesses. If you develop a fever or any symptoms, it doesn't mean you have COVID-19, but you should follow up with staff at the Saginaw County Health Department (SCHD).

If you do become ill during this monitoring period, do NOT go to a clinic or hospital without first calling ahead, if possible. If you call 911, inform them you are being monitored for COVID-19 and need follow-up medical care and testing.

Instructions for Home Quarantining:

  • Stay at your home, do not go to work (unless you are a healthcare worker), and avoid contact with people as much as physically possible.
  • Take your temperature with a thermometer two times a day and watch for cough or difficulty breathing (see instructions below). 
  • Keep your distance from others (about 6 feet) in your household.
  • If you need to seek medical care for other reasons, such as dialysis, call ahead to your doctor and tell them you are under home quarantine.

Instructions for Monitoring:

  • Start recording your temperature and symptoms on the log contained in page 3 of the SCHD Contact Tracing Tool Kit, linked below. Today's date will be Day 1. Fever is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius) or higher.
  • If you get sick, contact your health care provider and call our hotline at (989) 758-3828 and inform them you are self-monitoring for COVID-19. If you need testing, you may check our website here for all testing locations in Saginaw County.
  • Once your 14 days of monitoring has passed and you have not experienced any symptoms, you have completed self-quarantine.

Click here for the full SCHD COVID-19 Care Kit.