Information for Community Organizations

Community Organizations, Associations, and Charities

Encourage those you serve to establish a "buddy" system, wherein community members can check on and help care for someone if they become sick. Special consideration should be given to communicating risk to vulnerable populations in your community, including older adults and those with access and functional needs.

Address the potential fear and anxiety that may result from rumors or misinformation, and remind those you serve to "unplug" periodically. Taking breaks from watching, reading, or listening to news stories and social media can help alleviate some of the stress a pandemic can bring.  

Encourage your members to follow the shelter in place order and to practice good hygiene with proper hand washing and social distancing.

Our Environmental Health Department can help you with general cleaning and disinfecting questions. Give us a call at 989-758-3686.

For more information, you can also consult the CDC recommendations found here.

Homeless Area Providers

Have an emergency operations plan in place. This includes promoting the practice of everyday preventive actions with those you serve and staff, providing COVID-19 supplies at your organization (e.g. hand soap, sanitizer, tissues), planning for staff and volunteer absences, and being prepared to assist individuals who develop severe illness so that they can receive appropriate medical care. 

If possible, identify a space that can be used to accommodate clients with mild respiratory symptoms and separate them from others. Designate a room and bathroom (if available) for clients with mild illness who remain at the shelter and develop a plan for cleaning the room daily.

Plan for higher shelter usage during the outbreak, and identify other places to refer clients if your shelter space is full. Identify short-term volunteers to staff shelter with more usage or alternate sites, and consider the need for extra supplies on hand.

Additional guidance can be found here.

If you are in need of critical supplies or services to help serve individual patients, staff, or members of your community, please report this need to Pure Michigan Business Connect (PMBC). PMBC is collecting data in order to help you source these needs and services in Michigan. You can find them here.

Centers of Worship

In addition to the guidance given under the Community Organizations/ Associations/Charities FAQ of the same title, consider implementing alternative meeting and service options. For example, mailed newsletters, pre-recorded messages from trusted leaders on a designated call-in telephone number, and printed copies of daily teaching guides may be options, especially to reach those without internet access.

For religious services, give people the option to watch online (live or recorded), if possible.

Additional guidance can be found at the CDC website here.