Substance Abuse 

Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Services (TAPS) was established pursuant to Act 358 of the Public Acts of 1978 and provides substance abuse prevention and treatment coordinating services for Saginaw County.Responsibilities include the development of a comprehensive plan to address the substance abuse service needs within its jurisdiction, contracting for substance abuse prevention and treatment services.Treatment services include detoxification; inpatient and outpatient care; and access services for women, families, and adolescents, as well as opioid treatment medication, including methadone assisted treatment services.

Prevention is involved in reducing youth access to tobacco, underage drinking and prescription drug use.  Currently there are 9 pharmaceutical drop boxes to collected unwanted medications throughout Saginaw County.  For more information on drop box locations, click here..

Eligibility: Medicaid recipients of Saginaw County; individuals who are below poverty levels and residents of Saginaw County.

Documentation Required: Residency eligibility and income eligibility.

Fees: Income is based on a sliding-fee scale.

LanguagesInterpreter services are available free of charge.

Program Service Hours: TAPS is available 24/7 including holidays. On-call personnel are available to answer questions and make referrals.

Substance Abuse  989-758-3781      Toll-Free 1-855-277-8277; available 24/7

Crisis Intervention  989-792-9732      Toll-Free 1-800-233-0022; available 24/7

TDD            989-758-3725