About Saginaw County Health Department

Since 2003, the Saginaw County Health Department (SCHD) has performed six rounds of strategic planning, lead by a multi-disciplinary team of Health Department staff and stakeholders named the MOD (Moving in One Direction) Squad.  Over the course of the past 13 years the MOD Squad has analyzed data and gathered feedback and input from SCHD staff members, customers, partners, and stakeholders to determine a common direction for a unified health department.

As a result, Mission and Vision statements were created, as well as Goals and Values.  The strategic plan is one that will guide us in making daily decisions and serves as a compass in navigating through future challenges and opportunities.


Our Mission:  To protect and promote the public's health and well-being

Our Vision:  To be a valued leader, partner, and service provider building a healthy community
Our Goals:

We will provide excellent customer service.
We will assure a competent and valued workforce.
We will promote awareness of public health issues and the services provided by SCHD.
We will seek resources to support agency infrastructure, programs, and interventions.
We will actively engage in community partnerships to identify and address community health needs.
We will provide assessment, assurance, and policy development to meet the public health needs of our community.

Our Values: