Saginaw County Health Assessment & Health Improvement Plan

Share Your Story Saginaw!

What is it?

Share Your Story Saginaw is Saginaw County's Community Health Assessment. It is a way to capture the voice of our community and to share information on what is most important for the health of those who live, work, and learn in Saginaw County!

How does it work?

Information was collected from community members via county level indicators, town halls, and a community wide survey from October 2019 to December 2019. This information came together to create a comprehensive community wide report on Saginaw County. Data from our community assessment can be viewed below.

Next steps for this process will be to focus on the strategic issues selected via a community meeting and to convene CHIP Committees to work on these issues. If you are interested in being involved, please reach out to our CHIP Coordinator.

How can I learn more?

Follow the Saginaw County Health Department Facebook page to learn more about upcoming events for Share Your Story Saginaw. The final copy of the 2020-2023 Community Health Assessment is linked below and SCHD and the CHIP Steering Committee will be working on development of the Community Health Improvement Plan starting in August 2020 due to COVID related delays and a desire to add more information with a COVID lens to our Community Health Assessment efforts.

If you have other questions about Share Your Story Saginaw or if you would like to request more detailed data from the last CHA– please contact Tracy Metcalfe, the Community Health Improvement Coordinator at

2020-2023 Community Health Assessment.

2020-2023 CHA Addendum