Internship Opportunities

The Saginaw County Health Department (SCHD) accepts non-paid internship placement within various programs with the Department for students interested in gaining public health experience and contributing to their community. To be considered for an internship or practicum experience with SCHD, students must submit a complete application package within the time frames listed below. All internships are UNPAID.

Intern Requirements

Upon confirmation of internship, all students will be required to have completed a background check and will attend SCHD orientation. Other organizational trainings may also be required during the internship and students may also be asked to share their internship project with staff.

Application Checklist

  • If the internship is part of a college or university for which the student is receiving credit, the applicant must be a registered student receiving internship credit through a college or university for which SCHD has an MOU.
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Copy of college/university preceptor manual (or any documents from the institution describing the requirements of the internship host site)
  • A completed application form: Saginaw County Application Form
  • All materials should be emailed to Put "Internship Application" in the subject field