Inspection, Licensing, and/or Permits

Food Service Info

Food Service Establishment Information

Food Service License Application
Updated Food Law  **effective October 1, 2012**
Michigan Modified 2009 Food Code  **effective October 1, 2012**
Food Service Inspection Reports

Plan Review Information

Do I Need a Plan Review?
Plan Review Forms
Site Audit Application

Food Service Classes 

ServSafe® Management Certification Courses are now being held through MSU Extension.  For more information, click here.

ANSI Certified Food Safety Class


Food Safety Educational Videos

Food Source - Code Violation 3-101.11 Proper Refrigeration - Code Violation 3-501.16
Hot Holding Temperatures - Code Violation 3-501.16 Cross Contamination - Code Violation 3-302.11
Date Marking - Code Violation 3-501.16 Santizing - Code Violation 4-501.114
Food Contact Surfaces Cleaning Frequency - Code Violation 4-602.11 Food Contact Surfaces - Code Violation 4-601.11

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Temporary Food Resources

Applying for and Safety Operating a Temporary Food (TFE) License
Temporary Food Service Establishment License Application
Temporary Food Event Planning Checklist
Temporary Food—Required Items
Temporary Food Internal Food Temperatures/Food Temperature Chart
Temporary Food Norovirus Fact Sheet
Temporary Food Sick Policy—Food Service Workers
Temporary Food Service—Calibrating a Thermometer


Food Service Resource Documents

Cottage Food Law Information
Internal Food Temperature Guide
Employee Reporting Agreement for Illnesses
Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning of Norovirus
Emergency Action Plans for Retail Food Establishments
Food Recall Basics for Consumers
Disinfectant Safety


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